Rail freight planning and optimising
Solutions and services:

  • Project structuring and proposals on portfolio management based on macroeconomic background.
  • Elaboration of national and corporate freight transport strategies
  • Optimal route, tariff planning through modelling, hub and network planning.
  • Choice of optimal rail freight and multimodal service range under different scenarios.
  • Implementation of data-as-an-asset approach for freight businesses.
  • Development and implementation of IT solutions for rail freight.
  • Assessment of socio-economic and environmental benefits from rail freight and multimodal projects.

What kind of added value?

  • "Win-win" multimodal strategies.
  • Solutions aimed at increasing resilience to external conditions.
  • Assessment of wider economic benefits from rail freight and logistics projects.
  • Optimal service range and prices adjusted to further development of the market / region.
  • Digital solutions to increase efficiency of rail and multimodal logistics.
Integrative digital solutions for railways
Solutions and services:

  • Audit of current level of digitalisation and digital integration.
  • Definition of (1) integration areas and (2) areas for priority digitalisation based on effects assessment and model of business segment / forecasted flows and operation.
  • Proposal on IT and business architecture.
  • Integration analysis and integration architecture with third parties.
  • Development of IT solutions.
  • Proposal of new rail digital services with economic assessment and details of necessary IT development.

What kind of added value?

  • Set up of digital investment priorities.
  • Inter-stakeholder digital integration.
  • Assessment of economic effects from use of digital tools.
  • Proposal of new services and operational changes.
  • Combined IT and business architecture.
    Urban transport quality setup
    Solutions and services:

    • Elaboration of urban transport model based on big data analysis.
    • AI-based software for video analytics to monitor quality.
    • Mobility forecast and analysis of bottlenecks
    • Proposal of new network alignment and services.
    • Choice of optimal fleet and help with procurement.
    • Proposal of innovative financing schemes, including tax increment financing and PPP tools.

    What kind of added value?

    • Network performance optimising based on big data analysis.
    • Guarantee of better quality compiled with cost savings for city managers.
    • Creation of opportunities to bring in private investments and qualification.
    • Quality standards for governmental and private operators, optimal fleet and ticketing system
    • Raising the sustainability of urban transport.